Performance Marketing:

If we don't perform, you don't pay.

Could it be more sensible?

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Are you an ambitious business owner, director or C-level executive largely responsible for the success of your organization?

If that's you, you're in the right place.

Performance marketing brings the most ambitious objectives to fruition in the shortest possible timeframe.

Hiring experts with a great track record tends to be a shortcut to success.

We've got a wealth of experience piecing together complex sets of data and aligning organizations with their goals through high-level strategy and technical execution.

Working with us means that you get to access a wide range of expertise in areas such as traffic generation, conversion optimization, website and interface design, marketing automation and systematization, copywriting and more.

Think about all the time and resources that have been spent throwing things at walls and seeing what sticks.

Finding a winning recipe for marketing your organization can take time, but it can take a lot longer if you don't know where to start or what to test.

Organizations can end up throwing away mountains of cash on ideas that don't go anywhere. Whether it's £1,000 or £1,000,000 lost, the lack of results can be devastating.

We've worked with clients that prior to contacting us were jumping from project to project with no real plan in place, and losing time and resources on well-meaning ideas that were doomed from the beginning.

Opportunities were missed, jobs were lost and competition gained marketshare. The struggle is real.

Working with us is a piece of cake.

No hidden stipulations. No politics. No unncessary complications. How does that sound?

We've worked exclusively online since 2009. Our team is based in the UK but found around the globe and speaks a number of languages including English, Spanish, French and Chinese.

You'll be assigned a dedicated team including a project lead who will work closely with you. We try to relieve you of as much project management as possible.

The contracts we create are in collaboration with the client and always resemble a win/win scenario for both parties. There are always break clauses and payment plans are very reasonable.

We guarantee results within 6–12 months.

We're confident in our ability to grow your business with you. To highlight a few performance marketing projects, we've been able to deliver:

  • 393% ROI for an english language school in just 7 months.
  • 600% revenue growth online for a catering company in just 6 months.
  • 87% increase in page views for an established fintech client in just 3 months.

When you work with us, we will collaborate with you to set some achievable yet ambitious goals and those will form the basis of our performance contract.

In a year from now will you be proud of what you've done, or disappointed?

If we put our heads together, we can make leaps and bounds in progress, winning back marketshare from top competitors, bringing on new clients, closing new deals and realizing untapped revenue.

You could be hiring new staff, freeing up others to work on higher-level problems such as strategy and product development.

Confidence and staff morale might be much higher, and productivity may have shot up as a result.

You will not find another provider as transparent, honest or as dedicated to your organization's success.

In 2015 we took a leap of faith by offering performance marketing after one of our clients suggested it.

We effectively became an extension of their organization, bringing our skills and experience, and financially leveraging ourselves on the outcome of the project.

The results were tremendous to say the least, and we've not looked back since.

Great reasons to hire us

  • More freedom to do what matters to you
    • Don't get bogged down in the stuff you shouldn't be doing—let us take care of it.
  • Lower potential risk and higher potential returns
    • On a performance marketing contract, we're more than a service provider… we're financially leveraged and a part of your team.
  • Less to guess
    • We bring tried-and-tested workflows, technologies and capabilities to eliminate the learning curve.
  • Knowledge transfer
    • When we work with your team, we can transfer our knowledge so that various marketing and advertising tasks can be done in-house.
  • Thriftiness
    • We hate spending on things that aren't necessary or likely to not work.
  • Less politics
    • We're fans of transparent, clear communication and logical decision-making.
  • Priority
    • Performance marketing clients always take precedence.

Loved by organizations and individuals across the globe.

We hired Clément & his team for better engagement and SEO. Clément is an expert in his field, a great communicator and got very involved with our business. They have directly contributed to a relative increase of 80% more users and 87% more page views. I can highly recommend.

I could not be happier with the team. These guys know their stuff and delivered an unbelievable website for my company. I had been extremely frustrated while searching for a reliable website company and it was a huge relief when I spoke with Clément. They took the workload off my shoulders and used their expertise to deliver a site that gets results. I cannot recommend them enough.

I particularly appreciated how Clément organized the work from the beginning, and how he utilized top notch talent to complete each aspect of the project. In the end, we knew our company and our mandate far better, and we had the brand to demonstrate it. We continue to look to Damn Gina to support our marketing needs.

What do the initial stages of these projects look like?

There's a certain amount of discussion and homework needed before we can begin.

Due to our commitment to quality, we can only accept a handful of performance marketing projects a year.

Unfortunately we do not work with everyone that approaches us.

This allows us to deliver a consistently high level of customer service and satisfaction, and to hand-pick projects where we feel we can truly deliver results.

If, for whatever reason, we don't believe we can deliver those results we will not waste your time—we'll tell you right away.

If we don’t reach the objective, you don’t pay.

In performance contracts we stipulate that you only pay us our performance fee when we reach a pre-defined objective. This is usually a revenue objective.

If we're unable to reach that objective over the stipulated timeframe, we will forfeit our performance fee.

In doing so, we will not do more than break even on the project, which is a huge incentive for us to deliver.


How we choose our clients:


A solid sense of mutual trust.

We dedicate our teams to those we feel most comfortable with.


Clarity on the bigger picture.

We need to understand exactly what we're aiming for and if we can deliver.


Excellent communication.

Performance marketing projects are unforgiving to miscommunication.

Nancy Cole
Image Description
Image Description

Clément and his team are highly responsive and strategic.

He thinks beyond the issue at hand to make sure that the recommended approach will fit with an overall strategy.

He approaches each issue with the attitude that anything can be done, and has a great attitude about tackling complex issues.

Nancy Cole

Principal, Flock

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