600% Growth in 6 Months

How we grew a family-run catering company 6x online.

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Juan Carlo had struggled to reach a higher-net-worth clientele for years.

We were hired to determine why the Juan Carlo the Caterer brand was having such trouble attracting the right type of client.

We reviewed all information to which we had been given access, and provided the client with a data-driven conclusion as well as a thoughtful solution which would rethink their brand, communication and sales processes.

Within six months we had created a six-fold increase in their online revenue and doubled their average order value.

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Here's what we did.

Brand Strategy

When we took on the project, we knew exactly how much the Juan Carlo the Caterer (as previously known) brand was suffering from a visual disconnect between its perceived quality and the actual quality of the service, the latter of which was above par.

We knew this because we attended meetings with the key stakeholders, talked to previous customers and visited tasting sessions where the staff prepared and served food in their signature style.

We set about to gather as much data as possible using our process, and with the information we accumulated we were able to map a clear picture of where the brand was and where it needed to be.

A report was created that detailed exactly what we wanted to do to reach the desired audience in the most effective way, and was presented to the stakeholders.

Business Development Platform

As with many family-led businesses that were built in the 80's, the filing system was a physical one: paper documents and lots of storage. Very slow and time-consuming, as well as prone to human errors, loss, fire etc.

The first port of call was to find an afforable, scalable solution that we could migrate to, which we accomplished.

Legacy bottlenecks were removed and replaced with modern solutions, and the organization was able to operate a lot faster with greater efficiency.

The improvements in staff output alone would likely break even on the project cost within a year.

Brand Identity Revision

The brand required a refresh and modernization to appeal to the target demographic and to help win back marketshare.

When we found the brand, there was a glaring disconnect with what the marketplace had become, and with what consumers expected when seeking a reputable, credible school.

We created a style guide to help us apply the brand consistently accross channels, platforms and media.

Photography & Videography

A look and feel that was aligned with the vision of the brand was used to guide our choice for a photographer who could create the new "lookbook" of the business.

They were tasked to create an introductory video for Juan Carlo that could be used on the site and in marketing materials for prospects.

Additionally we had them photograph the entire operations of the business, from administration all the way through to service at events.

On-Location Training

We need to coach, train and align their teams with the new brand strategy.

We spent ten days on-location with the client, training their team on how to use the newly-installed sales platform, to prioritize leads based on a scoring system, and how to communicate effectively.

Following the intensive training, the quality of the sales process was evident and the new platform had started to yield an improvement in output.

Comprehensive Competition Research

During our competition research process, we spent one month analyzing all the competitors we could find. The analysis was made comparing 81 kpis which were relevant for the client’s business model and for its market.

Upon analyzing the resulting data we were then able to go ahead and create:

  • Building an industry benchmark
  • Building an industry leaders benchmark
  • Calculating the competitors' market share
  • Comparing the competitor at the country level with the average for each relevant country, but also with the top 20% of competitors from each country
  • Establishing our next big marketing moves based on the resulting data

Webesign & Development

The resulting website that we built can be seen below.

The focus on the design was to present a premium service for a high-net-worth audience.

This allowed us to set pricing expectations and cater to exactly those we were targeting, never mind the pun.

The website was built to be responsive, fast-loading and cross-browser compatible.

Google Analytics

The Google Analytics setup previously used by the client was not optimized. The website was configured erroneously and goals were none-existent.

We created one single account for the organization with one property for the brand and separate views for each of the 11 websites.

Then we made sure that we created goals for the lead-generation calls-to-action on the various landing pages of the site, so that we could track the efficacy of our campaigns and see our progress toward the project objectives.

This resultined in visibility of progress, consolidated reporting tools and much better data segmentation.

We rebuilt their website from scratch, incorporating the new brand strategy in terms of its product positioning, copywriting, calls to action and general aesthetic.

juan carlo the caterer
Juan Carlo

Our new brand aesthetic spoke volumes toward their target audience, and they received a brand style guide that showed them exactly how it should be applied across various media.

Here's how we did.

The following data is based on a 3–month period before the launch of the new materials, and the 3–month period following it.

In actual fact, the period leading to the launch was the busiest time of the year for the client, followed by the least busy time of the year, making this even more remarkable.

Website visits12,9749,969
Leads generated554603+10%
CR visits > leads4.27%6.05%+42%
Contracts closed39Tripled
CR leads > contracts0.54%1.49%Tripled
Avg. order value£1,577£3,328Doubled
Total value£4,732£29,9726X more

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