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Most brands start off as brainfarts: relatively rushed ideas drafted by founders eager to make their first sale. Normal, but not ideal.

It’s the beginning of what will become an invisible brand in a growing sea of competition. In many cases, more desirable competition.

A great brand is so much more than its surface aesthetic, its logo or its color palette.

A great brand is the unspoken dialogue it establishes with its target audience:
“we promise to meet your needs and to never let you down.”

Before this kind of identity can be made, there’s a whole bunch of exploring that has to happen.

Great branding pairs overwhelmingly positive first impressions with a growing perception that only you can satisfy a specific desire.

The first step is to create an environment where stakeholders and closely associated actors can brainstorm about what the brand actually offers, who it should be attracting and ultimately what it should be known for.

Once we’ve established the true identity of the brand and where it’s being aimed, it’s highly likely that there’s a disjointed communication strategy and/or value proposition.

All of this can affect the offer, pricing, marketing and advertising.

Only then can we target the most effective channels and platforms, and create effective products and services, materials such as the logo, the website, the copywriting, photography and so on.

Working with us means that you get to access a wide range of expertise in areas such as traffic generation, conversion optimization, website and interface design, marketing automation, copywriting and much more.

With this in mind, how much farther from your goals will you be if you don’t earnestly work on optimizing your brand, now?

It’s hard to see things in hindsight, but think about how much brand equity and resulting engagement and revenue has been lost to inadequate strategies that focus on the wrong people, in the wrong places, with the wrong communication.

Unlock your brand’s untapped potential and get over frustrating plateaus by focusing on optimization, now.

The good news is that it’s not too late. But the question is, how much longer are you going to put it off? Take a look below at the kind of improvements we can bring to your business.

In just six months we grew a catering company by 600% online, by optimizing their brand.

juan carlo the caterer
Juan Carlo

Our new brand aesthetic spoke volumes toward their target audience, and they received a brand style guide that showed them exactly how it should be applied across various media.

What are the benefits of working with us on your brand identity?

  • A brand strategy, outlining who you are, what you want to be known for and who you want to attract, based on insights from the people that matter the most and years of our experience working on projects like these.
  • A communication strategy that aligns with the brand strategy (channels, platforms, language).
  • Deliberately designed logos, iconography, typeface and palette choices that elicit the kind of response we want from our audience.
  • A guidebook and reference material for using the brand materials and strategies across all types of media including print .
  • Easy and seamless integration into other Damn Gina services such as web & UX design, and marketing & advertising.

Loved by organizations and individuals across the globe.

We hired Clément & his team for better engagement and SEO. Clément is an expert in his field, a great communicator and got very involved with our business. They have directly contributed to a relative increase of 80% more users and 87% more page views. I can highly recommend.

I could not be happier with the team. These guys know their stuff and delivered an unbelievable website for my company. I had been extremely frustrated while searching for a reliable website company and it was a huge relief when I spoke with Clément. They took the workload off my shoulders and used their expertise to deliver a site that gets results. I cannot recommend them enough.

I particularly appreciated how Clément organized the work from the beginning, and how he utilized top notch talent to complete each aspect of the project. In the end, we knew our company and our mandate far better, and we had the brand to demonstrate it. We continue to look to Damn Gina to support our marketing needs.

How do these projects usually go?

Depending on what's included in your package, the process is generally as follows.

Due to our commitment to quality, we thoroughly vet any potential projects before agreeing.

Unfortunately we do not work with everyone that approaches us.

This allows us to deliver a consistently high level of customer service and satisfaction, and to hand-pick projects where we feel we can truly deliver results.

If, for whatever reason, we don't believe we can deliver those results we will not waste your time—we'll tell you right away.


How we choose our clients:


A solid sense of mutual trust.

We dedicate our teams to those we feel most comfortable with.


Clarity on the bigger picture.

We need to understand exactly what we're aiming for and if we can deliver.


Excellent communication.

Performance marketing projects are unforgiving to miscommunication.

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